About Me PageI discovered my love for photography and art in general because of a happy accident my Freshmen year of high school when I was placed in a photography class by accident.  From then on I knew I wanted to stick with photography and learn more about the art.  The more time I spent with a camera in my hand the easier it was for me to see that this was the career I wanted to be in.  I love being able to capture memories for families that may only last a split second in real time but can be preserved in a photograph forever.  I graduated high school in 2009 and started shooting portraits and weddings immediately.  Through working with fellow photographers and countless hours behind a camera, I have learned a lot about the art of photography, but I’m constantly learning and trying new things.

I have a few passions other than photography. If I’m off for the day you may find me on a softball field.  I have played softball since I was 8 years old.  If I’m not on a softball field there’s a good chance I’m in a gym or playing with my two dogs. Its no joke that they are our fur children.

I am obsessed with all things Spiderman and have a bit of a talent of picking out Spiderman related objects with ease at stores.  I would rather stay home in sweats on Friday nights and play board games with my girlfriend than go out.  I  have been gluten free since April 2013.


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  1. Chelsea recently took my 7 and 3 year olds pictures. She did an absolutely amazing job with the kids and even got my ” nervous” 7 year old son to give his most handsome smiles. I would highly recommend Chelsea for any event. She is patient, hard working, efficient, and has a great personality. Thumbs up and four stars for Chelsea Hellen Photography!
    Nicole TImperio


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