Winter Mini’s | Friendship Hill, PA



Happy Blog day! I hadn’t had a chance to share all the wonderful images I had the opportunity to capture this winter during the winter mini sessions. We hadn’t yet experienced all the crazy snow this area has experienced this year, but we did capture gorgeous photos of some cute little ones. CHP will be offering the Mini Sessions again next year. Also, I am looking to add one other mini session this spring to support a local charity.

Big thanks to all of the wonderful families I had the chance to capture during mini sessions. I had the opportunity to catch up with some fellow photographers, meet some new families, and meet some new friends. Fun fact, out of the families below, three families feature fellow photographers and there are four photographers in total below. It is always such a pleasure capturing other photographers’ families. So often, we forget to be on the other side of the camera.

Amber-006 Bartley-004 Dougherty-004 Dougherty-016 Odenweller-009 Wise-001 Wise-003 Wise-013^^^ Look at that face!!!


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