Megan & Nick | Engagement Portraits in Morgantown, WV

Megan’s brother had set her up on countless blind dates–like most people, she was growing ridiculously tired of them. She agreed to go on one final blind date because her brother insisted that she would be perfect for Nick. While most people will say their relationship was “love at first site,” Megan & Nick like to describe their relationship as love at second or third.

When Megan & Nick were trying to describe how quickly they knew that they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives and how difficult this situation would be for others to understand, I assured them I completely understood. I’m a true believer that when you know, you know, whether that be immediately or a year later. At some point this realization hits you, and you understand and recognize it all at once.

The cheesy romantic in me loves hearing proposal stories, and I loved Megan & Nick’s. Nick, like the true gentleman he is, not only asked Megan’s parents for permission to have their daughter’s hand in marriage but had a custom engagement ring made just for her. This special engagement ring is made up of diamond and gold from both of their mother’s jewelry and Megan’s grandmother’s jewelry. I’m willing to bet that if you are a woman and you’re reading this, you’re either extremely jealous or teary eyed–but maybe that’s just me. 🙂 Not only did Nick go through all of this for the ring, but he slipped the ring on Megan’s finger while she was sleeping so she found it when she woke up!

These two love spending evenings driving around in Nick’s El Camino. When given this little bit of info, I knew we needed to incorporate this part of their relationship into their engagement portraits. I am absolutely in love with their portraits. I feel like this session captured their personalities perfectly. There weren’t very many serious moments during their session because Nick has the ability to make Megan laugh at any given time making it very hard to believe he’s a law student; making each other laugh is a really special talent to have in a relationship. Most people would argue that laughter is necessary in a healthy, long lasting relationship.

Megan & Nick Blog-1_WEB copy Megan & Nick Blog-3_WEB copy Megan & Nick Blog-6_WEB copy Megan & Nick Blog-8_WEB copy Megan & Nick Blog-10_WEB copy Megan & Nick Blog-11_WEB copy Megan & Nick Blog-12_WEB copy Megan & Nick Blog-13_WEB copy Megan & Nick Blog-14_WEB copy Megan & Nick Blog-16_WEB copy Megan & Nick Blog-18_WEB copy Megan & Nick Blog-20_WEB copyI feel honored that next September 5th, I will be capturing their beautiful love story and wedding day in portraits they can treasure for a lifetime. Thank you both for allowing me to capture your engagement portraits.



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