Crosby | Lifestyle Children’s Portraits in Uniontown, PA

The little kid in me can always enjoy a day at the park. Actually, its a little embarrassing how much my twenty three year old self would enjoy an evening on a swing set. After knowing that little secret, it should be no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the evening I spent chasing Crosby around the park.

There’s something so freeing to watching a little boy run wild on a playground with not a care in the world. Climbing up and down ladders, sliding down slides, and crawling through tunnels, you could see how much Crosby loved being able to be the little boy that he is. I love sessions like these. I had the opportunity to hang back and capture Crosby just the way he is. I helped him climb tires and hang on the monkey bars. I think we both enjoyed our time at the park together. It didn’t feel like work for me and I don’t think it felt like work for him either!

Crosby's Portraits Crosby's Portraits Crosby's Portraits Crosby's portraits

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