Forest & Amanda Waters | Washington, PA Wedding

When Amanda was just a baby and Forest wasn’t yet born, their parents were great friends. As always, life happens and you grow distant from great friends. As luck would have it, they reunited in 2010 and Amanda and Forest’s story officially began on May 22, 2010. Exactly four years later, May 22, 2014, these two would meet again in front of their friends and family to become husband and wife.

Amanda and Forest didn’t actually begin dating until September 2012. It was on their three month anniversary that Forest surprised Amanda with a trip to Ohiopyle at 10pm in the middle of December. Needless to say, they were all alone that night. He proposed on the overlook and she happily agreed to marry him. Some would think that three months is a very short time to know, but I believe that when you meet the person you believe you belong with you know right away. Besides, Amanda’s one of my best friends, Forest made the right decision 🙂 .

Their wedding fit them perfectly. Amanda and Forest had a very small, intimate wedding at Washington Park in Washington, PA. They made all of the decorations themselves, including the favors that were hand painted, mini canvases. Their personalities showed in every aspect of their wedding. Their wedding cake featured two pokemon, decorations featured selfies of the two of them together, Forest wore Chuck Taylors, and in true Amanda fashion, she was thirty minutes late. That was our joke before the wedding even started that there was no way she would walk down the aisle on time 😉

Other than my own relationship 😉 I have never met two people more in love or that belong together more than these two. They are both very creative people, something that Amanda and I connected with as friends. During our time taking portraits of just the two of them Jackie and I commented on Forest opening the door for Amanda because that isn’t something you see very often anymore and I believe you should see a lot more of it. As if I didn’t think Forest was a great match for my good friend already, Amanda commented that since they have been together she has never opened her own car door if he has been with her. I know that’s a very little, silly thing, but that made me even more confident that Forest would treat her amazingly.















Congratulations to the both of you. I am so happy that you have both found each other. Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your special day!


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