Brad & Natasha’s Maternity Session | Mingo Creek Park, PA

It has been a very busy few weeks in our home between adopting our new fur child, Pepper, wedding season starting up, softball season starting, and Jackie’s school prom. After settling into all the craziness that is our life I finally got back to the blog to get this adorable session up!

I was so excited to hear from Brad after not hearing from him since high school. I was honored to be asked to do a session for him and his wife while he was in from out of town. We met up at Mingo Creek Park, and none of us were prepared for how large the park actually was. I spent an hour catching up with Brad and getting to know his wife, Natasha a little more. This couple is not only so great together but so excited to bring this little boy into the world. They are both going to make great parents and will be there to make some jokes along the way.

Mingo Creek Park is beautiful and offered up some great scenery for portraits. Hopefully I get to shoot there more often!

Brad & Natasha-003 Brad & Natasha-005 Brad & Natasha-006 Brad & Natasha-009 Brad & Natasha-012 Brad & Natasha-014 Brad & Natasha-022 Brad & Natasha-024 Brad & Natasha-025 Brad & Natasha-028 Brad & Natasha-029 Brad & Natasha-030 Brad & Natasha-033 Brad & Natasha-034 Brad & Natasha-035 Brad & Natasha-037 Brad & Natasha-038 Brad & Natasha-040 Brad & Natasha-042 Brad & Natasha-043 Brad & Natasha-050 Brad & Natasha-051

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