Marissa & Shawn| Campfire Sessions | Couples’ Portraits in Adah, PA

Nothing makes my heart happier than a couple who really wants their portraits to reflect their relationship and style. After all, the point of custom portraits is to capture you! This session is full of all the great feelings of fall. Also, if you can look at these two adorable blondes cuddled up in front of a fire, giggling, and making s’mores and not 1. immediately see that they love joking around and 2. see that they absolutely belong together, I’m not doing my job!

When my good friend Marissa talked to me about doing a session with her boyfriend Shawn and mentioned using their jeeps I was overly excited, probably more so than they were. We threw a few different ideas around before deciding on the campfire and night session. It allowed me to really be creative with their session and also create some unique images for them. Little did we know what we signed up for! haha. It was about 25 degrees that night and the campfire was not cooperating. We were all hoping for the fire for warmth, not just looks! It didn’t take long at all for me to fall in love with capturing this session. The combination of the cold making them extra cuddly and watching them giggle over s’mores made for gorgeous images.

Thank you Marissa & Shawn for braving the cold! Also, big thanks to Chris Clutter for helping me out with this session!

CH1_9631 CH1_9625 CH1_9618 CH1_9609 CH1_9606 CH1_9595 CH1_9588 CH1_9571 CH1_9554 CH1_9546 CH1_9533 CH1_9528 CH1_9517 CH1_9513 CH1_9511 CH1_9486 CH1_9482 CH1_9481 CH1_9478 CH1_9469 CH1_9461 CH1_9453 CH1_9440



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