The Herlihy Family | Morgantown, WV

I was so excited when Adriane asked me to capture some family portraits for them a few months ago. Its always such an honor when a fellow photographer wants you to do their own family portraits and even more of one when its a best friend. I absolutely love working with this family. Not only are they too cute for words, but Kerriann can make anyone laugh within seconds. At least once a week Adriane will post an image on Facebook and its followed with a text from me saying that it has to be illegal to be this cute. I absolutely love these family portraits and I’m very happy that I was the photographer who had the privilege of working with this family.

CH1_5483 CH1_5474 CH1_5473 CH1_5471 CH1_5460 CH1_5455 CH1_5453 CH1_5446 CH1_5421 CH1_5411 CH1_5400 CH1_5389



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