Hannah & Jake | Children’s Portraits

I have to start by saying I am a little bias with this blog post. These two are my little cousins and I have grown up to be practically their sister, or the long running joke is their aunt since Jake has been known to accidentally call me their aunt. haha. These two were due for some new portraits since they’ve grown like weeds in the past year. We had some time before Hannah’s birthday party so ignoring Jake’s complaints that he was “freezing to death” we jumped outside for a quick 15 min portrait session. Since it was cold and I promised to get him back inside faster if he cooperated, we made great use of that 15 minute session during a beautiful winter Golden Hour. To date, these are some of my favorite portraits I’ve done of these two and some of my all time favorite winter portraits.

CH1_5131 CH1_5142 CH1_5148 CH1_5163 CH1_5168 CH1_5177 CH1_5179 CH1_5183 CH1_5187 CH1_5190 CH1_5195 CH1_5202 CH1_521411


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