Olivia’s Cold Weather Session | Lake Lynn, PA

Every time I shoot portraits of my little sister I have a TON of mixed emotions.  With a ten year age difference between us I have actively got to watch her grow up and actually remember it. Yes, we fight, like most sisters haha probably more than most if you asked my dad but the age difference and all of our differences don’t help. Putting up with all the fighting, trying to force her to clean, and her being a major cling during my high school years, I love her dearly and I’m beyond proud of her.

I have watched this amazing twelve year old girl follow my footsteps on the softball field. Just like the rest of our family, she will probably spend a big chunk of her life on a softball diamond. She has even shown some interest lately in photography which makes me happy. All and all I’m lucky to have a sister who thinks of my dog as a niece, my girlfriend as a sister, and my house as a second home for herself.  I’m very thankful for a little sister who fully accepts my relationship and my happiness in a time where there are still adults who can’t.  And yes, little sister.  She may be taller than me and look older, haha but she is indeed ten years younger!

I love getting to shoot with Olivia.  Since she’s my sister and I get to tell her what to do we get a ton of awesome wide shots as well as head shots.  Creative sessions are most definitely my favorite and shooting in a gorgeous field with mountains in the background make it even better.  Plus, this is my dad’s field so it has even more emotion.  This is where I grew up, where my Dad and I passed ball and he taught me to play, this is also where he has taught my sister to play. Locations can add such meeting to portrait sessions.

Olivia-001 Olivia-002 Olivia-003 Olivia-004 Olivia-005

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