The Griffin’s | Family Portraits at Friendship Hill National Park

So… I know what you’re thinking, “These pictures were taken in the fall and its absolutely freezing out right now and nothing but snow, why are you torturing us with the warm images now.” Well, I’m torturing you now because my blog has been a little bit on the quiet side, I’m freezing and tired of all this snow, so I’m going to blog some images from sessions where no one was freezing… too much haha.

This family is pretty well adjusted to working with me. In fact, they’re so used to working with me that they were actually the first family I ever shot.  Way back when I did Owen’s baby pictures and Evan was a whole lot smaller.  I also did Jordan’s senior portraits this past summer.  I’ve known them for a very long time and I always love the chance to photograph them again and again. With this many boys in one family one would expect family portraits to not go so well, however, all of these boys will do just about anything for their mom, including family portraits without a fuss. 🙂

They chose to have their session at Friendship Hill which is a great backdrop year round.  We stayed in the woods and in some of the smaller trails instead of just open fields. Now, go enjoy some warm weather portraits and pretend it isn’t freezing cold outside. 🙂

Griffins-10 Griffins-9 Griffins-8 Griffins-7 Griffins-6 Griffins-5 Griffins-4 Griffins-3 Griffins-2 Griffins-1


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