Melissa and Logan’s Family!

On October 23, 2010 I had the great pleasure of getting up in the morning and doing what I usually do every Saturday, shoot a wedding.  That Saturday I got to stay local and spend the day getting to know Melissa & Logan on their very special day.  I can say that I gained two great people in my life that day and was more than welcomed into their families during their wedding and into the future.  I have been lucky enough to work with this family several times since and every single time is a ton of fun!  I have since shot their daughter’s newborn portraits, with live bunnies I might add, and several family sessions.  This time I had the chance to meet up with the whole family and do some portraits.  We met at the park at Waynesburg University.  The kids had a great time watching all of the squirrels run around, and we had an even better time trying to keep them momentarily still!


CH1_6903 CH1_6910 CH1_6978 CH1_6953 CH1_6948 CH1_6922 CH1_6916 CH1_7001 CH1_7019 CH1_7035 CH1_7039 CH1_7049 CH1_7061 CH1_7066 CH1_7080 CH1_7082 CH1_7107

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