Troy Haines’ Senior Portrait Session

Troy Haines is a current senior at Mapletown High School, a football player, a great guy, and more importantly one of my brothers’ best friends.  I have known Troy since he was in elementary school.  It has been such a great experience to see both my brothers and their friends grow up and become great guys, not kids.  I can say that I have known Troy for a good chunk of his life. I’ve known him through all sorts of hair styles, including his famous mohawks from when he was in elementary football and I’ve even got to attend a once in a life time Mac Miller concert with him.  Troy couldn’t have grown up to be a greater man.  That’s exactly what he is today, not a child but a man.  Troy will graduate in the spring and plans to take Nursing in college.  He’s got a great head on his shoulders and there’s no doubt that he will continue to make his family proud.  I am so happy that I got to be a part of his senior year by capturing his senior portraits.  We met at Cooper’s Rocks WV for a great morning session.  Special shout out to his mom, Jea, for making a last minute change of schedule when I had an amazing chance to go watch our Pittsburgh Pirates in a home playoff game.  I couldn’t thank this family enough for allowing me to move their appointment and just for allowing me to take these images.  Thank you so much! Best of luck Troy!

CH1_1327 CH1_1358 CH1_1389 CH1_1423 CH1_1430 CH1_1439 CH1_1454 CH1_1466 CH1_1476 CH1_1487 CH1_1515 CH1_1516


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