New Referral Program!

Unfortunately this blog post is not filled with cute little yawning babies, amazing sunset sports, an anxious senior, or even a loving couple, however, this blog post is filled with some very exciting news for all of you amazing clients!

Today, I am officially unveiling a brand new referral program!  It is a 3 step referral program– meaning the more referrals you pass along, the more goodies you get!   You awesome referrers will receive a free 8×10  of your choice for the first referral you send my way.   For the second referral you will receive a free digital download of an image of your choice.  Here is the big prize! For the third new client you refer you will receive a completely free session with no obligation to buy!  That’s  a $150 value, no strings attached.  Every new referred client will also receive a free 8×10! You as great clients deserve some kick backs for all that you do for me!

There are a few stipulations to the program.  The referred client must be new.  This cannot be someone who has already worked with me.  I must also receive a completed referral card, so I can contact you and get you your goodies!

If you are a current client and would like some referral cards to hand out make sure you comment on this post or email me your address so that I can send some out so you can start racking up those free gifts!



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