Importance of Portraits

So this blog post isn’t filled with adorable pictures of children or newborns or even a newly engaged couple in love.  It is however filled with some thoughts that I think everyone should take some time to think about. As a photographer I absolutely treasure those little memories that are literally captured in a 1/125  of a second or so.  Some of those split seconds go unnoticed by everyone around other than the photographers, some of those moments will be treasured forever such as a first kiss, a first step, or even just a sleepy second of a newborn’s life.  We take these little tiny seconds for granted everyday.  We have millions of pictures on our cell phones, our computers, or a disc in a drawer that we buy thinking that then we have all the images.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of getting our portraits done by one of my best friends who is also a photographer and I can tell you I am just as guilty.  I haven’t printed a single one yet, however we have picked which ones will get printed as soon as we are moved.  This blog post is just a little reminder that no matter who your photographer is or even if they are fond memories caught on your iPhone get something printed.  There is nothing quite the same as holding an image in your hands.  Fifty years from now, your kids or their kids even aren’t going to want to flip through old memories of their older generations on an outdated iPhone.  No matter what year it is, we all have to admit that there is just something special about digging out that old box that your grandmother or even her grandmother kept pictures and old special cards in.  Do me a favor and your family a favor, think of your portraits this way.  Don’t think of them as the dreaded family portraits that you have to con your kids into, think of them as the special memories that you will someday hold onto so tight and pass down for other generations to hang on to!  These aren’t just pictures, they are memories.


UPDATE 10/23/13: I can say that we have finally gotten our amazing pictures up on the wall.  We decided on a canvas cluster and I couldn’t be happy.  Don’t forget that your images are also art just as much as they are memories.  Don’t be afraid to go big! I know that having these memories in hard copies up on our walls mean the world to me and I hope that everyone else out there can see how special it is to have some special moments in your house.  I know if I were the ones in a few of the images below I wouldn’t be able to wait to get them up!

CH1_1430 Crystal & Jenny surprise proposal session Crystal & Jenny's surprise proposal session CH248822

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