Evan’s Newborn Session!

Last week I had the great pleasure of getting to capture some memories for this little one.  Evan was only ten days old the day of our shoot, and he handled the whole shoot like a champ.  This shoot was definitely close to my heart.  Evan’s mom, Michelle, was my middle school softball coach, she then moved up to the high school where she coached me again, and after graduation I played in a women’s league with her.  Michelle is more like family than a coach to me.  Michelle has not only been there to support my career from the beginning, but she has literally carried me off the field due to injuries.  Haha that is always something funny to think back to.  I don’t know how I would have made it through school athletics without this one, so I am extremely happy to be the one capturing some memories for their family.


Evan slept through almost the entire session, which made my job even more fun!  Even though big brother Drew wasn’t very excited to participate we still talked him into a shot.


This session is just another reflection of why I love my job as much as I do.  I love being the one to capture memories that these families will treasure for a very long time.  In as little as a week these lucky parents will be able to tell a difference in their little ones.  I love being the one to catch a few seconds in their lives and turn them into something this family can hold on to forever.



  1. Literally in tears right now! I am proud to call you my friend. It was been a pleasure to watch you become the person you are today. I am happy that you will be able to capture my boys lives through photo now and in the years to come. And u will never forget carrying you off the field that day😀 thank you for doing such a great job on these photos!


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