Family Walks!

So today was gorgeous out, after all the crazy rain!  It was nice to have a nice day to shoot! After getting to spend a few hours outside for a senior session I came home and could not stand being inside knowing how beautiful it was outside!  We decided that since we have a busy weekend ahead of us with Jackie’s graduation that we head outside with the pup for a nice walk.  When I saw how gorgeous the light was I couldn’t not take my camera.  I’m so glad that I grabbed my camera and the lens that I did because I captured some great moments on this walk that we will definitely treasure and possibly be adding to the walls when we move in a few weeks.

This first shot is an all time favorite of my two girls together! I fell in love with the way the light was coming through the trees so obviously I had to get my girls out there in it!


This second shot is another favorite from the day.  I love how the light is hitting them.  Also the reflection of the sun of the window makes an awesome addition!


I loved getting to just capture candids of these two together.  You can’t show how they are together in a posed image.  I would love to get the chance to capture some of these memories for others!


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