Hannah & Jake

So I figured I would kick off this new blog with a post that is close to my heart.  These two kids right here are amazing and being that they are my little cousins, I may be a little bias. 😉  I feel honored to be such a big part of their lives and to be here to watch them both grow into wonderful human beings.  As always, when given the chance to do a photo shoot for them I pulled out all the stops.  In the past that has been extra lighting, fog machines, sparklers, etc. haha but for this shoot we stuck with just the lighting and fog machine.  They both love getting to do sports and special occasion shoots with me because they know the outcome!  Here are a few of my favorites!


We made sure to get some head shots for the family also, before I let them have fun with the fog machine shots of course! Haha you have to use a little bribery sometimes right?  I have to say as much as I love getting to go above and beyond for these two,  I also love having a family who is willing to let me practice techniques on them anytime I want!

I found this throwback of one of the very first creative shoots I did at all and of course it was with them! This is where the love of a fog machine for these shoots began.  Jake looks so little in this one!


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